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Specialty class: Cells and systems of the Epidermis & Dermis

The skins principal role is the formation of the skin barrier defense systems and all of these functions and defense systems are interdependent on each other. When one system is not functioning optimally or damaged, there is a domino or knock-on effect to other cells and systems of the skin barrier defense. Skin has an ability to reflect changes in other cells and systems of the body, and this is often referred to as a "Site of Response".

Understanding and appreciating this synergy between the cells and systems of the epidermis and body is a major part of understanding the skin.

This course explores both the epidermal and dermal cells & systems, providing the learner will a full review of the physical, biochemical and biological systems including:

  • Learn to understand of how various skin conditions manifest due to system malfunction or failure
  • That the dermis is a complex part of the skin that provides structure, strength, nutrient supply and waste disposal systems
  • The importance of the Fibroblast cell
  • A review of the five layers of the epidermis and seven components of the dermis

Typical Completion time: 1 hour 30 mins. Awarded 1 CPD Point or 2.0 CE's

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