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Skin Science & Body Systems for Aesthetic Laser and IPL

Scar tissue course  

This educational program has been designed to develop and grow the knowledge base for those who wish to learn more about Skin Science & Body Systems to be able to offer best practice Laser and Intense pulsed light Aesthetic services, and is the recommended precursor to Laser & IPL safety courses.

Why is this essential knowledge? What is the relevance?
Many laser and IPL companies offer education in their respective products, and training is usually about the equipment part of their range. Product and equipment knowledge training is not enough to talk with the customer about skin ageing or concerns or offer a comprehensive service; nor does it give the vital knowledge base required to understand contraindications to service and long-term effects on the cells and systems of the skin.
To talk expertly about skin and Laser or IPL services, and provide best practice, credible services you must first know and understand the anatomy and physiology of skin structure and its components, which means a degree of preparatory study about the skin.

This knowledge about the skin and the ability to offer best-practice services will provide both credibility and make it much easier to obtain insurance and become more valuable as a Light Based Aesthetic treatment provider.

This program was visualised by Trudy Fleming, founder of Fleming Laser Australia, and has been developed and delivered by Pastiche Training.

This course consists of short lessons over the 5 topics:
• The Internal Cell Structure
• Cells and Systems of the Epidermis
• The Epidermal Structure; Layer by layer
• Cells and Systems of the Dermis
• Client Placement and Consultation

The overall learning outcomes at the end of this course is that learners will have an advanced understanding of the components that make up the skin structure; dermis and epidermis, and be more aware of the cells and systems that are affected during light based heat application treatments.

Typical completion time 4.5-5 hours. 

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