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Essentials of pigmentation and the melanogenesis process

Pigmentation course    

This six unit course is specifically for practitioners who want comprehensive knowledge of how pigment is formed and what can potentially go wrong during the melanogenesis process and the understanding of the triggers of abnormal pigmentation. Topics covered include:

• Skin phototypes and risk for pigmentation
• Cellular damage of the melanocyte
• Melanocyte life cycle
• Cause and effect of pigmentation
• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• Visual analysis of pigmentation

Typical completion time 4.5-5 hours. This micro-credential is awarded 5 CPD points

This educational activity has also been approved for 6.0 CEs by NCEA Commission on Accreditation.
Learning Objectives:
After completion of this online course, the skin care professional will be able to:
1. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of pigmentation of the skin.
2. Identify that there are different types of pigmentation and subsequently different treatment 
    approaches required. 
3. Explain what types of anomalous cellular events occur that create the pigmented condition. 
4. Demonstrate competency of course material.

  Pastiche Training     NCEA approved

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