Pastiche Training

Specialty Class: The Barrier Disordered Skin

This course follows the principals and methodology of thinking that is corneotherapy.
What we once called hyperkeratinization is now known to be faulty or poor corneocyte compaction processes, and this changes the way we will treat this skin. Our base knowledge of the keratinocyte life cycle has changed over the last 5 years.
In this class, I wish to share with you how our understanding of the stratum corneum and barrier defense systems has changed since I wrote my first book on the subject in the early 2000’s.

By following the compaction process of the keratinocyte and understanding the intricate pathway and formation of what we once called bi-layers, (now known as multi lamellae lipids). We are now able to understand more about the skin that presents with barrier disorders. Learning more about how the skin become compromised and how to prevent, or improve it. 

Typical completion time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
This course is awarded 0.8 CPD points or 1.7 CE's

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