Pastiche Training

Advanced Skin Analysis (Module 1) Core Prinicipals

This is the first module of a five module non-product aligned, intensive course that covers the major relevant aspects of effective, contemporary analysis and consultation. This comprehensive, methodical analysis procedure is known as the Pastiche Method®. In addition to a complete update of the relevant anatomy and physiology of the skin you will learn:

  • How to link skin structure and function to skin conditions   
  • How to quickly determine leading causes of prevailing skin conditions
  • Link those leading causes to cellular damage and the resulting effect on leading cells
  • Understand the "cascade" effect that manifests itself as a number of related conditions
  • Determine triggers and contributing factors of the conditions 
  • Prioritise condition treatment order for maximum results   

You will also learn how to incorporate modern skin diagnostic equipment in to the consultation and prepare a summary report on clients skin conditions and treatment plans.
The course is designed to update and up-skill therapists and skin treatment practitioners who wish to take their current training and experience to the next level and become professional skin treatment therapists.

These e-leaning modules are undertaken in a specific order, and each module must be completed (with an assessment) before the next module can begin.

This module will take an average of 10 hours of engagement time, with the entire 5 module, 52 units of learning taking  a minimum of 34 hours of engagement time.

This module is awarded 10 CPD points, 13.5 CE's and One CEU.

Pastiche Training