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Specialty Class: The A-Z of Understanding Pigmentation

This six unit course covers the A-Z of the factors that make treating the various forms of pigmentation such a challenge.
This medley of topics will answer those questions that come to mind when struggling to understand the microbiology of the pigment-forming cell (the melanocyte) and the formation of the pigment granule (melanogenesis).

Discussed in depth are principal causes of pigmentation such as hormones and trauma, including the effect these causes have on the cells and systems of melanogenesis.
Understanding these factors will help us to appreciate that pigmentation does not always respond to treatment as readily as anticipated, and in some cases not at all. We will also examine the risks each photo type may be susceptible to during treatment. 

Completing this program is the final unit where we review the visual analysis of the most common forms of pigmentation seen in clinic today, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Following is a 60 question assessment.

Subjects covered over six units of learning:
1. Skin Colours/Photo types and potential risk for pigmentation;
2. Cellular damage of the melanocyte and pigmentation
3. Melanocyte lifecycle
4. Cause and effect of pigmentation
5. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
6. Visual analysis of pigmentation

Typical completion time: 5 hours 30min
Awarded 5 CPD points or 7.3 CE's

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