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Laser & ILS Safety Knowledge Evaluation Exam (US)

This evaluation exam is required for all individuals intending to enroll in courses where evidence of prior learning, competency or previous certification of Laser & ILS safety to Level 3 is a prerequisite.
Successful examinees will have the exam fee deducted from enrollments to subsequent OLT courses.

During this competency exam, your knowledge of 13 topics will be assessed across 85 questions presented in 4 topic groups. Typical completion time is under 2 hours per topic group, with a maximum of 2 days allowed to complete all four.
You will have just 3 attempts to correctly answer each group of questions. In the event of an unsuccessful outome, you will be required to undertake further training in Laser & ILS safety before proceeding.

If you do not believe you can meet this requirement, then we suggest you purchase either the
Laser & ILS Safety course or the package of both Laser Safety and Light Based Hair Reduction courses.

Topics you will need to demonstrate competency during the exam include:
1. The distinctive features of optical radiation
2. Light wave patterns, key technical terms and the electromagnetic spectrum
3. How lasers and intense light sources (e.g. IPL) work
4. The principal features of working safely in the laser/IPL Treatment Controlled Area
5. The principal equipment related hazards when using lasers and intense light sources
6. How the human aversion responses help to keep laser and intense light  outputs below Maximum Permissible Exposure(MPE) levels set in manufacturing standards
7. Explain what happens to the eye, skin and other body tissue when exposed to IPL/laser
8. Suitability of wavelengths and pulse structures
9. Tissue targets which includes chromophores and the appropriate penetration depths
10.Laser & intense light source output spectrum and relevance of beam size and shape
11.Laser beam and intense light delivery systems
12.Common laser and intense light source treatments
13. Practice Compliance, Relevant Legislation And Safety Standards

These exam is designed for US standards, regulations and juristictions.