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Specialty Class: Understanding the Internal Cell Structure

Understanding how a cell works will help you understand why things can go wrong, and create the skin conditions prevalent today.
Inside the cell structure are Organelles; specialized sub-units within a cell that have a specific function. These individual organelles are usually separately enclosed within their cell membranes that have a similar structure to the plasma membrane of the cell. Some organelles have double membranes such as the mitochondria and nucleus; most have single membranes.
These membranes regulate the entry and exit of proteins, enzymes and other cellular material to and from the organelle; truly magnificent and complex structures. 

The Objective of this class is to become familiar with each organelle within a cell and to understand each organelle's function and the role they play in the creation of proteins and lipids. This will be the basis of understanding what may go wrong with cellular function and ultimately reflect as a skin condition.

This course is recommended for learners with an advanced level of knowledge of skin anatomy & physiology.

Typical completion time 45 minutes. Awarded 1 CPD point or 1.3CE's

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