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Specialty class: Keratinocyte life cycle

To fully understand the skin, you need to understand the cell that makes up approx 80% of the epidermis. Almost all skin conditions are a result of something affecting the normal production and/or life of this critical cell. This short course takes you on a exploratory journey that takes you from the keratinocytes mitosis to desquamation, and what factors can influence its short but important life of many changes during the formation of skin barrier defense.

This single unit primer course explains the fundamentals of the keratinocyte life cycle including:

  • Review of the layers of the skin and their role
  • The differentiation process
  • Factors affecting normal keratinocyte health
  • Why keratolytic disorders develop

    Typical completion time:  1 hour. Awarded 1 CPD point or 1.3 CE's

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