Pastiche Training

Specialty Class: Understanding Wound healing

When choosing or using a modality do you think at a cellular level? Do you ask yourself what is this modality doing to the keratinocyte, melanocyte, barrier defense systems, fibroblast or the innate immune system?
You may know enough about the technical aspect of the modality choice; but have you thought its action through to the cells of the epidermis and dermis?
With the advances and changes in skin treatment services, modalities and cosmetic formulations, skin therapists need to know even more about skin physiology.
Only with this knowledge will you know at a biological level, exactly what the modern treatments are doing to skin, and how they change and improve skin.

To understand the action of a modality, the therapist of today must comprehend, and apply, all that is known about the wound healing processes of skin.  The wound healing process can then be applied to the action of non-ablative modalities such as dermal needling, photo-modulation, ultrasound, intense pulsed light, and laser.

Typical completion time 1 hour. This course is awarded 1 CPD point or 1.3CE's.

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