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Advanced Skin Analysis: (Module 2) Skin conditions related to Texture

In this second module of Advanced Skin Analysis, we begin the process of linking skin structure and function to the skin condition.
Consequently, before each skin condition, an update and thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology re, the structure and function of the skin will be an integral part of establishing cause and effect of the skin condition diagnosed.
Skin conditions are diagnosed by utilizing the same method for analysing the basic majority skin type. (Examining the diagnostic characteristics of Texture, Colour, and Secretion). 
The surface texture and appearance of the epidermis is the first to show change when something goes wrong with skin and related systems, and this is what the client notices first. These changes are referred to as "site of response" hence why we will explore all of the skin conditions related to TEXTURE as the first choice of discussion.

This module covers the skin conditions related to texture and includes Incomplete corneocyte compaction & Non-inflammatory acne (grades 1-3), the Wound healing process, the cells & systems that form the skin's structure and the skin condition; Loss of Structural Integrity.

Average engagement time for this module is 8 hours, 45 mins. This module is awarded 5.5 CPD points, 11.3 CE's and 0.8 CEU's

Prerequisite for this course is Advanced Skin Analysis module one.

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