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Laser Physics & Safety Laser User [ED220-AU] ‘Core of Knowledge’ - Level 4- ACAM


This Online Laser Training distance-learning course is a Radiation Health QLD approved (course no: ED220) and UK BMLA recommended Laser Physics & Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ (CoK) training module to provide you with a fundamental understanding of laser and light technology, how light interacts with skin to produce specific biological effects and how to use laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) safely.
It also covers relevant AS/NZS and ACORN standards and regulations governing their use in a professional setting in different jurisdictions.
It is a legal obligation in some states of Australia that a Laser Physics & Safety [ED220] ‘Core of Knowledge’ course from a recognised or approved trainer is provided as a requirement of registration and/or licensing.
The training programme will be provided for you to study the course materials in detail (i.e. workbooks and video transcripts) and complete the online multiple-choice assessments at the end of each section. 

The learning outcome is an independently accredited, Level 4 Award to the named learner.
This online course has been allocated 40 CPD points by RACGP under Accredited Learning Activity number 191523.
If you have a RACGP CPD number, please enter it when enrolling, otherwise leave this field empty.

This Level 4 version of the course is for Australian States and jurisdictions.


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